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To apply for an Actuarial Certificate under Section 295 of ITAA - please supply us the following information for our Actuarial Calculations.

Fund Details

What is the name of the Self managed super fund which needs an actuarial certificate ?
Please enter legal name as per trust deed
Actuarial certificate for above fund is required for which financial year ?
 Financial Year ended 30th June  
What is the Tax File Number of the Self Managed Superannuation Fund ? (Optional - this answer is required if you want to save data entry time)
Data Auto Fill: If the self managed super name and Tax File Number matches and you have applied for an Actuarial Certificate from us for this fund for any previous financial year, Super fund data from any previous year will be auto filled. This will save you time to fill up the form again - please note that all answers would have to be checked as the fund structure may have changed.
Enter the Tax File Number of the fund without any spaces.

Was the fund created during this financial year ?
Yes No
Is trustee of this self managed super fund a corporation ?
How many members does this self managed super fund has ?

Member Details

Does the fund have a Reserve Account ?