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Terms and Conditions of Use of the website

This website provides a service. To use this service, you have to agree to the following terms and conditions of use. Please read them carefully. If you click I accept, you would be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not accept them, you may not be able to use our services. These terms and conditions are governed by and are to be read and interpreted according to the laws of New South Wales.

The parties agree as follows:


In this Agreement, unless the context otherwise requires: its agents, officers, successors and advisors and 'we', 'our' and 'us' have a corresponding meaning;

our services' means the method used by us to provide you an actuarial certificate. It includes a website interface and document delivery system which has been supported by online help.

"Fees" means the purchase price of actuarial certificate as mentioned on our website.

party or parties means You and/or us as the context suggests;

All the singular words include its plural meaning and vice versa, any reference to dollars and fees is in Australian dollars.

1. OUR SERVICE Service provides actuarial certificates for Self Managed Super Funds which require certification for claiming exempt current pension income under s 295-390 of ITAA 1936. We agree that we have tested our service and delivery of actuarial certificates. The delivery to you will be error free. All information collected from you will be dealt with as per our privacy policy and will be secure. The actuarial certificates purchased from our website will be delivered via email instantly or can be downloaded at any time using your user name and password.

Delivery Service

All communications or delivery of actuarial certificates you receive from us will be sent electronically via email at the email address provided by you. We take no responsibility if you do not receive emails due to a fault in your computer system. If for any reason, you change your email identity, you will need to inform us with your current email address.

Credit card details

Clients can choose to pay either by credit card or make a bank transfer. If they choose to pay by credit card, your credit card details are not collected and stored by us. These details go to ‘Secure pay’ which is a payment gateway service of ‘Australia Post’.


We agree that actuarial certificate purchased from our website will be used by you. You agree that you will use the certificate for it’s intended purpose i.e claiming exemption for current pension income under s295-390 of ITAA 1936 and for no other purpose. You agree not to modify this document in any way.


You agree that information provided by you is correct. If you give wrong information or do not understand the questions seeking information requested by us, the actuarial certificate will be prepared incorrectly. We will not be responsible for such errors caused by you. Our online support is provided to assist you; however any support will not be taken as legal advice. Actuarial certificates which you purchase from us, are prepared on the basis of information provided by you. We are not responsible if any of that information is incorrect.


If after the issue of certificate by our actuary client finds that he has committed some error in the data entry, client can request for an amended certificate within a reasonable time. We will prepare a replacement certificate free of charge. However, if this request is made more than two times for the same certificate, we may charge a further fee as decided by us.


You agree that our website may contain inappropriate or inaccurate information. We may provide website address of advertisers, government websites or links to other websites, this we do so for your convenience and in no way endorse their services or information contained in their website. If you rely on information provided on these websites, you cannot hold us responsible, should they contain any misleading information.


We do not warrant that our website will be always available for use or by use of our services you are free from computer viruses and do not warrant that it may not damage your computer or its storage capacity.


Our liability to you is up to the cost of purchase price of the actuarial certificate. By using our service there are no implied warranties provided by us. We will not be responsible for being negligent on any aspect of delivering our services.


100% Money back guarantee: if you are not happy with quality or result of our certificate, we will be happy to return our fees without asking any questions. This guarantee is valid within 48 hours of purchase. Simply fax us a signed statutory declaration that you will not use our certificate and deleted all emails sent by our system to your email address. Before processing your refund, we will delete the certificate from our website in your account with us. All refunds will be processed in the same manner as we received your payment. All refunds by credit cards will incur a 4% bank fees.

All refunds after 48 hours will be at our discretion. If you are not satisfied with our certificate, you will have to show cause why a refund is required in the circumstance. No requirement of the purchased certificate will not be considered a suitable reason for a refund, as when the certificate is delivered to you, it is assumed that it has been used by you. For any refund, you must write to us giving us the full reasons for a refund. Please send all letters to the below address or email to


ABN : 32 123 929 984

Level 4, 263 Clarence Street Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: 02 9638 4096